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Tax Service

We prepare all required tax returns for business and individuals to assure that you are paying no more taxes than necessary. Throughout the year, we monitor tax law changes that will affect you, and we may recommend tax saving strategies, and serve as your advocate in tax matters.

• Individual tax returns (a significant part of our business)
• S-Corp, LLC, LLP, Partnership and Corporate tax returns
• Income tax planning and tax projections and IRS audits
• Homeowner Association and Condominium Associations
• Payroll and business tax report preparation

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Accounting for Your Business

We can prepare or supervise the preparation of financial statements. Compilation, review or audited statements can be provided according to your needs. Helping you to use and fully understand the statements in managing your business and increasing your profitability is an important aspect of our service to you.

• Incorporation in the State of Florida.
• We are the perfect source for starting up your new business.
• We offer monthly bookkeeping services Payroll preparation and payroll tax reports
• Homeowner Association compliance services
• Compilation, review or audited financial statements
• Budgeting, projections and business planning

Condominium and Homeowner Associations

Joseph S. Lania, C.P.A., P.A. is one of the few firms that work regularly with condominium and homeowner associations to manage accounting and taxation. Compliance is critical to the viability of condominium associations, and the financial reporting procedures are rigorous.

Joseph S. Lania, C.P.A. knows the State of Florida Statutes 718 and 719 and the many intricacies of working within these guidelines. In addition, we recognize when a condominium association is liable for reports in excess of the statutes - a situation of which the condominium associations themselves are frequently unaware.

This is where the value of a CPA firm with experience in this area comes into play. We have the expertise to point out these discrepancies and make sure that the condominium association is in compliance on all levels.

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We also assist condominium and homeowner associations with taxation issues and tax planning, accounting services from monthly bookkeeping and payroll assistance to setting up a computerized accounting system, as well as annual budget preparation and calculations of reserves and deferred maintenance as required by Florida Statutes.

Joseph S. Lania CPA has extensive experience in working with homeowner associations. We have the expertise to address all financial issues that face condominium and homeowner associations, particularly in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Some of the specific areas of expertise include:

• Condominium and Homeowner Association Audit, Review & Complied Financial Statements 
• Condominium and Homeowner Association Budgets & Replacement Reserve Assistance
• Tax Advisory and Preparation Services for Condominium and Homeowner Associations
• Computerized Accounting System Implementation and Vital Support

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Management Services

We can act as your financial consultant, working with you to increase your net worth, or work with you and your business advisors to solve business problems, or assist you in selecting the proper organization structure and secure an understanding of your business.

In short, we are your business partner, your sounding board, your friend. We are always a phone call away.

• Computer selection and use
• Business sales, acquisitions and valuations
• Retirement planning
• Projections, budgets and goals
• Pension and profit sharing plans
• Divorce tax planning and help
• Deferred compensation plans
• S Corporation elections
• Set up your Corporation properly from scratch