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Keys for a Small Business to Prosper in 2024 and 2025

“Recent Tax Changes and Opportunities”
“Remaining Calm and Maximizing Savings On Your 2022 Business And Individual Tax Returns”

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Please use this outline as a note pad. You will benefit by jotting down ideas about your specific situation as we go. You can then use this outline to later review YOUR situation with your professional advisors.

 Keys for a Small Business to Prosper in 2024 in Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Southwest Ranches, Davie and all of Broward County from a trusted CPA

 Whether you have a farm, ranch or nursery in Davie, a professional practice in Pembroke Pines or a small business in Cooper City, it is important that you remain calm, educate yourself, surround yourself with experts and remove the fear of stepping out.  We can help.

 Remain calm: No one knows your business as well as you do, and your customers need you there, providing your products and services, which they depend on.  Florida and local businesses continue to grow.  As professional accountants and tax preparers, we are the CPA firm to trust as you grow.  We have the deep well of experience and knowledge to lead you to success in 2024. 

 Educate yourself: Lifelong learning is key here.  All businesses and industries evolve. All of them.  Stay on top of your industry and profession.  Stay sharp.  Stay vital and helpful to those you sell to (and we ALL are selling something to someone.. and they want it)

 Consult & Develop a Strong Lifelong Network of Wise Advisors…

Surround yourself with trusted advisors who are both wise and compassionate.  Who do you know who are knowledgeable in those areas and you trust their advice.  Men and women who SHARE your values, your goals and “think like you do or how you want to be”… then, at some point, (just like your Dad with your first bike ride) allow yourself to think independently and trust your own judgment which you’ve compiled from those you’ve entrusted.

Remove fear:  There is a hesitation, a reluctance that will cripple you if you allow yourself to be controlled by the fear of failure.  Sure, ALL people will fail at some things at some point in their lives and THEY WILL LEARN from it.  (we actually learn more from our attempts that fail than we do our successes.. in my opinion) Point is, don’t be controlled by the fear which will paralyze your dreams. 


Go with strong basics and do them habitually well.  Establish daily habits based on simple, proven time-tested basics of business.

If you are new or thinking about a new business, see “ESTABLISHING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS” guidance attached.  It will allow you to start off on the right foot, and minimize failures.  It is a simple checklist of resources necessary.

If you are an established business and having some difficulties now, then take some time to reflect.  Take some time to journal.  Take some time in honest consultation with your network of advisors.  Take a hard look at what has happened, what’s happening now, in your life and in your industry.  Trust your judgment.  Re-evaluate the industry, your capabilities, your strengths, your competition and your drive.  You may need to either strengthen your drive or find out where “they moved your cheese” before you plunge ahead.

 As hard an indictment as this may sound, (please forgive me) sometimes you have to hear truths.  One truth is that there are people who aren’t equipped to be a parent or an entrepreneur.   It takes similar character traits to do both.  You need compassion, your need a determined drive, you need an enormous amount of time and energy to parent or run a business.  If you CURRENTLY do not possess the time, energy or drive to devote… you may want to “take a pass” for now.  Find some other outlet, another source of revenue or an occupation where your technical skills will be rewarded. 

 There is a significant difference between owning a business and being an entrepreneur.  Owning a business requires that you contribute capital, knowledge, resources and assume some risks.  Being an entrepreneur has the additional requirements of having your skin in the game, your personal efforts and time devoted, and your unconditional commitment to the success of the business.

 There are many similarities between being a parent and being an entrepreneur.  It is you who is fully responsible (parents have spouses and businesses have partners, each with their strengths and responsibilities, but in each EVERYONE has to take personal… personal responsibility for optimum success).  Owners of small businesses, in which they themselves “birthed”, will spare no resource in the success of their business. Financial, time and energy commitments are crucial.

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